Costuras Celestes

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For the finest quality alterations and or custom nautical alterations in El Salvador reach out to local seamstress Isabelle. Excellent upholstery work at affordable prices. Fixing torn fabrics, replacing zippers, creating new and fresh boat covers and she will even make your next casual dress! 

Annual Salvador Rally Articles

The Organizers & Managers of "Cruisers Rally to El Salvador" began for the purpose of encouraging recreational boaters to come vist El Salvador. We are starting our sixth year.

Many boaters need boat-related services of which there are few here but we are slowly developing an infrastructure of small businesses that cater to the boaters.  Isabelle has one of those businesses.



Isabelle is a local seamstress whom uses an iconic manual sewing machine to craft textiles into your next nautical decor. When boaters started arriving 6 years ago they asked for someone to make cushion covers, sun covers, and repairing of damaged cushions and all the locals introduced cruisers to Isabelle, and her business blossomed. Now she is starting to make new interior and exterior cushions and more complicated jobs like sun dodgers and boat covers.  She hopes to see you soon.

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